Why $1500

This may upset some wedding professionals especially those who point cameras at people, but weddings can be expensive. Most people are looking for ways to save money on what they see are unnecessary things. Unfortunately this usually means cutting out the video.

We’ve had several clients back out of hiring us because they needed to adjust their budget. Something else became more important.

But the sad truth is, most people who don’t get a video, regret it almost immediately. Especially when they see someone they know get one, and how special it is.

But as film makers we need money just like everyone else.

The gear and the training. The time and effort. The risk. These are always on our mind as film makers when determining our prices. Because as a service business it is all about what our time is worth. That is why it can be so expensive, you’re paying for all the creative power.

But maybe wedding films don’t need to be treated like major motion pictures. Maybe they can be filmed and edited by professionals, and produced in a way most people would enjoy. Clean simple beautiful.

how can it be $1500

If you were to be honest with yourself, how much would you need to be paid to work 6 hours on a Saturday? It’s the starting question. We know why we create films; because we love it. But sometimes so much effort is put into the creative adventure, that the time has to be accounted for. The production gets bigger and bigger. Expenses go up and the client gets the bill.

But what if you kept it simple? 1 videographer, for 6 hours recording just the good stuff. Since most weddings follow similar formats and schedules, a talented videographer will know what to film at any wedding.

It’s not for everyone.

Some folks want the whole shebang. They want all the getting ready, reading notes out loud, full first look, full ceremony, full dances, speeches, sparkler exit. Thats great! look at our $2,500 package.

Only Weekends?

Most wedding professionals have day jobs. So do we. And most weddings happen on the weekend. So thats when we film them.