What is Free?

For several years I have offered the occasional free wedding film. I usually “gift” this through a photographer or Planner I’ve worked with in the past. Or I’ve participated in donated weddings where I offer my services as part of a charitable package.

For this free package offer:

  1. Have your Event Planner or Photographer email me with details about your wedding.

  2. Your wedding has to be on a Saturday or Sunday, in 2019.

  3. It of course has to be open on my calendar.

  4. It has to be local to the Hampton Roads area ~ Or travel expenses covered (I set the fees).

  5. I will deliver RAW footage only. I will edit, but not as a deliverable.

  6. You will need to provide a 1TB hard drive USB 3.0 on the day of filming for the footage

  7. I set the hours based on your details.

  8. You will provide 8 positive reviews on the sites I choose.

You get:

my experience + 4k footage + great audio

Why am I doing this?

Ask me on your wedding day.